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Hotel Rules and Management Policy


Once your reservation is confirmed and in case of there being NO cancellation within the stipulated period, a penalty (NO SHOW) will be applied, corresponding to 100% of the first night’s accommodation, which will be charged to the company or to the credit card provided as guarantee or against the transfer made.  To cancel or modify your reservation, you may do so up to 24 hours before the check-in date.

At the time of confirming the reservation by the hotel, your credit card will be charged for the value of one (01) night of accommodation, according to the rate selected by you. If you have opted for a specific package of several nights, your credit card will be charged for the total value of the package.


During your stay, in order to have credit in the Hotel and to consume and use the services to be canceled at checkout such as bar, Mini bar, Restaurant and laundry among others, it is necessary to leave, at Check In, an open credit card as a security or a deposit, the amount of which will be determined according to the number of nights of your stay.

Otherwise, each service requested during your stay must be paid at the time of reception.


According to country legal norms, it is an indispensable requirement at the time of registration, to present the following identity document:

*Passport for foreigners, ID for nationals, Child Identity Card and infants Civil Registration.

CHECK-IN TIME: 15:00 Hours

CHECK-OUT TIME: 13:00 Hours

 At check-in you must present the credit card with which you made the reservation, or the Registrant must pay with a new card upon arrival.

EARLY CHECK-IN: We are pleased to allow early check-in; however, this courtesy is subject to the Hotel’s availability at the time of your arrival. If you wish to guarantee that the room will be available at the time of your arrival before the established check-in time, we recommend that you make your reservation the day before.

LATE CHECK-OUT: Subject to Hotel availability.  The times and additional charges for Late Check-Out are as follows:

From 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm, 50% of the rate assigned to your reservation plus tax. After 6:00 pm, it is considered a new reservation and will be charged the full value of the rate in effect for that new reservation plus tax.


Lodging in the accommodation and type of room requested, Buffet Breakfast at the Oasis Restaurant according to the rate selected by you, Gym, Wet Area (Pool, Sauna and Turkish), The Internet service offered is free of charge by the Hotel, and has a speed of 10 MG Wi-Fi and cable connection, free parking subject to availability.

Maximum accommodation allowed per room: 2 adults and 2 children (up to 12 years of age) or 3 adults and 1 child (up to 12 years of age). Children up to 12 years of age pay hotel insurance per night ($11.900) tax included.

Third person over 12 years of age, pays the corresponding value of an additional passenger.


NOTE: It is important to note that foreigners are exempt from paying taxes on the lodging service, HOWEVER, in order to apply for this benefit, it is necessary that at the time of check in registrant show passport with stamp of entry to Colombia indicating their stay in this country for up to ninety (90) calendar days and that it has the PT stamp or valid temporary visa TP-7, TP-11, TP-12. Being exempt, this condition can only be verified at the time of check in at the hotel, where you must provide your original passport and a copy of the sheet with your data and the sheet with the stamp will be taken.

The exemption is only for lodging. It does not include other services and the invoice is generated in the name of the holder of the passport and the reservation.


Booking confirmation is guaranteed when payment is made. The rates provided are REFERENCE RATES VALID TODAY, which are subject to change without prior notice.

In case of NO cancellation of the reservation, there will be a NO SHOW charge corresponding to 100% of the first night’s accommodation, which will be charged to the company or to the credit card previously left as a guarantee.  To cancel or modify the reservation you may do so up to 24 hours before the check in date.

At the moment the hotel confirms the reservation, a charge will be made to your credit card for the value of one (01) night of lodging, according to the rate selected by you. If your selection is for a specific package of several nights, the total value of the package will be charged.


Pursuant to Article 47 of Law 1480 of 2011, you may exercise your right of withdrawal within five (5) business days from the time of confirmation and payment of your reservation, provided that your reservation has not been checked in within this period of days.


The lodging contract is effective from the moment the reservation is created between you and our hotel. All rights and obligations arising from the lodging contract exist directly and exclusively between the creator of the reservation and our hotel.


 The guest will be able to enjoy the tourist attractions of the region and has the right to receive complete and accurate information from the hotel staff.

  1. THE GUEST will be able to enjoy the facilities of the Hotel and will have knowledge of the services it offers.
  2. THE GUEST has the right to know the policies and guidelines for the provision of services
  3. THE GUEST has the right to know about the conservation campaigns and efficient use of natural resources (energy, water).
  4. THE GUEST has the right to know the recommendations regarding personal safety during his/her stay in the hotel facilities and the areas it owns.
  5. THE GUEST may report any case concerning commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents (CSEC).

Accordingly, the following is a description of the hotel’s duties in order to give scope to the guest’s rights.


  1. THE HOTEL, will provide the GUEST with the service of renting a room and its accessories, through the payment of the fees and rates in effect at the time the service is rendered and according to the different plans. The rate and plan are those appearing on the hotel registration card. The provision of these services shall be subject to availability and to the schedules, shifts or physical stock of the supplies, goods, facilities or spaces necessary for it.
  2. THE HOTEL may, at any time, change the accommodation and the GUEST must accept it.
  3. THE HOTEL makes the rates, prices of the service and check in and check out times available to the public, to which the GUEST is subject to.
  4. THE HOTEL, has the right of retention and pledge over luggage and goods in possession of the GUEST, rights that will be effective for the breach of obligations on the part of the GUEST.


In order to counteract exploitation, pornography and sexual tourism with children and adolescents, HOTEL DANN CARLTON BARRANQUILLA S.A. in compliance with Law 679 of 2001 added by Law 1336 of 2009, is committed to comply with the following legal obligations:

  • Refrain from offering plans for the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in tourism promotion programs and tourism plans, expressly or covertly.
  • Refrain from providing information to tourists, directly or through an intermediary, about places where commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents is orchestrated or practiced.
  • Refrain from driving tourists, directly or through third parties, to establishments or places where commercial sexual exploitation of children is practiced, as well as driving them to places where tourists are staying, even if they are located at sea, for the purpose of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • Refrain from providing vehicles on tourist routes for the purpose of exploitation or sexual abuse of children and adolescents.
  • Prevent the entry of children and adolescents to hotels or places of lodging and accommodation, bars, similar businesses and other establishments where tourist services are provided, for purposes of exploitation or sexual abuse.
  • Adopt measures to prevent personnel linked to the company in any capacity whatsoever from offering tourism services that allow sexual activity with children and adolescents.
  • Protect national or foreign children and adolescents from all forms of exploitation and sexual violence caused by national or foreign tourists.
  • To report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and other competent authorities, the facts of which it has had knowledge by any means, as well as the suspicion of these, related to sexual exploitation of children and adolescents and ensure that within the company there are channels to report to the competent authorities such facts.
  • Within the company and with its providers of goods and services, design and disseminate a policy in which the provider establishes measures to prevent and counteract all forms of sexual exploitation of children and adolescents in travel and tourism.
  • Train all personnel associated and to be associated with the company, as well as providers that by the nature of their activities have contact with tourists, on the issue of prevention of commercial sexual exploitation of children and adolescents.
  • Inform its users about the legal consequences in Colombia of sexual exploitation and abuse of children and adolescents.
  • Post in a public and visible place in the establishment or establishments of commerce this Code of Conduct and other commitments that the provider wishes to assume in order to protect children and adolescents.


In order to promote, disseminate, respect and make visible the effective exercise of all rights of persons with disabilities, the Hotel Dann Carlton Barranquilla establishes the following conditions to provide access to assistance/therapy dogs.

Clarifying that we only allow access to the above mentioned animals and do not allow access to those that do not meet the criteria described in this document. Assistance dogs are trained to help people with special needs with physical, hearing and visual disabilities. Therapy dogs provide assistance and emotional support and some are also trained to assist people in physical therapy.


The agreement No. 285 of 2008 states that “An assistance dog is considered to be a dog that, having been trained in officially recognized specialized centers, has completed its training and thus acquired the necessary skills for the accompaniment, driving and assistance of people with disabilities, and must be accredited and identified”.

The basic purpose is to recognize and guarantee to any person with visual, hearing, locomotive or any other kind of disability, total or partial, who needs or to whom is recommended the use of an assistance dog, the right to access, walk and stay together with the dog, to all places, establishments and commercial premises.  In this way, it becomes necessary that once the aptitudes of the assistance dogs have been proven and in development of the right of equality consecrated in our political charter, the creation of norms that allow their easy entrance and transit to all types of places.


Therapy dogs provide a feeling of well-being, unconditional affection and can help people in their specific therapy activities. There are two ways these canines can help:

  1. Animal-assisted activities are everyday activities that connect people with their pets. These encounters can be casual, can take place at anytime, anywhere and help make the situation easier for the people involved. These dogs can visit hospitals, nursing homes or orphanages, schools and even disaster sites.
  2. Animal-assisted therapy is an important part of a person’s physical, social, and/or emotional therapy activities, helping to improve the condition. Brushing a dog, walking with it or throwing a disc to catch it can help in the coordination of movement, strength and flexibility of these people; these dogs require special training and can only attend to one person at a time as it is labor intensive.



  1. Inform, at the moment of reservation or registration, that he/she has an assistance/therapy animal and must present the respective documentation in which it is certified that he/she has been trained in national or international centers by qualified personnel, belonging to or approved by the Colombian Association of Zootherapy and related activities or by the entity authorized by the Colombian Agricultural Institute -ICA-, or whoever acts in its stead.
  1. Present ID card issued by the District entity, which must contain the following information:
  • The photo of the dog
  • The name and breed to which it belongs
  • Name and identification of the user or owner of the animal.
  • Date of issue and expiration
  • Validity of vaccinations and training center.
  1. Wear harness and identification vest according to the dog’s category, in accordance with international canine identification practices and remain at the user’s or owner’s feet.
  1. To have bedding and necessary equipment for domestic animals


 The owner is fully responsible for the care and conduct of the canine; therefore, the owner will assume the cost of any damages that the canine may cause to third parties and the fact that the canine is classified as an assistance dog or therapy dog does not exempt the owner from this responsibility.

Maximum 1 dog per room and during the stay at the hotel, must comply with the following rules, in order to promote and ensure healthy coexistence:

  • Dogs must always wear their collars and distinctive vests in common areas such as the swimming pool, gym, restaurants, bar, etc., at all times.
  • Canines will not be allowed on beds or furniture.
  • Under no circumstances may the canine bathe in the guest bathroom or wet areas of the hotel or use the hotel towels or linens to meet any need for it.
  • Room housekeeping will be made when the owner is present.
  • The management may require the removal of the service canine from its establishment if the canine’s behavior becomes a direct threat to the safety of others, or if its behavior becomes a fundamental disruption of the nature of the business.

After meeting the above requirements, the value per night has an additional cost plus taxes.


In compliance with our environmental commitment, by provision of law, Resolution 1956, and for the good of your health, this space is free of cigarette or tobacco smoke. For this reason, the consumption of cigarettes, tobacco or any derivative is not allowed in the hotel areas or in the rooms. Additionally, in case of perceiving that the guest has breached this provision inside the room, the cost of the products and procedures to clean the environment of the room will be charged, value that will be charged to your accommodation account.

If you wish to smoke, you can do so in the pool area that is located on the first floor of the hotel.